Meet Erin

Who is Erin & what is she all about?

Erin is a Certified Cosmetic Injector with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Erin attended nursing school specifically to go into cosmetic nursing and women’s health. It is her passion to make women feel beautiful, healthy and confident inside and out.

When choosing an injector, it is important to feel confident, comfortable and trusting. When meeting Erin, you will immediately feel that way. She never stops learning and growing in her field and is currently obtaining her Nurse Practitioners license.

In her off-time she is a mother, a wife, and loves to spend time with her family. She loves to workout, go shopping, camping, and traveling.

“I truly love to meet every single one of my unique patients. I love to hear their stories, I love to make them feel heard, and I love to enhance their natural beauty. Toxed by Erin is my passion, my baby, and I absolutely love what I do!” – Erin Rodriguez, RN BSN